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We received feedback from some who have registered for RfR2018 that will be more fulfilling to end the ride in Singapore. Hence, we will be organising an optional Day 3 ride from Mersing to Singapore.
Below are some conditions for the optional Day 3 ride:
1. Due to the limited support and hotel accommodation at Mersing, there will be a cap of 30 participants on a first-come-first-serve basis.
2. Cyclists who sign up for Day 3 must be prepared to cycle at a rolling speed of 25km/h consistently over 140km, including rolling hills terrain, high vehicular traffic and minimal support (maximum of 2 support cars). 3. Participants who sign up for Day 3 will be required to pay additional expenses – Hotel stay at Mersing (tentatively Timotel Hotel), insurance for Day 3, cycling refreshments, mini bus support and other expenses required. The exact costs for Day 3 (estimated at about $50) will be collected manually at a later date after confirmation of costs.
4. Pls note that there will be no ambulance and medic support on Day 3. We will instead have first aid kits and at least 1 first-aid trained support crew.
5. Flag off will be early at about 5-5.30am to beat the heat and heavy traffic. Breakfast will be en-route. Cyclists are required to have front and back lights as there are no street lamps along the way.
6. Participants are allowed to sign up for Day 3 only if they also sign up for Day 1 and 2 (Kuantan-Pekan-Penyabong). Registering for only Day 3 is not allowed.
7. Signing up for Day 3 is optional. Please select YES/NO option under the field "I would like to sign up for Day 3 (Mersing-Singapore)". Please note that participants who sign up for Day 3 are subjected to readiness-assessment by the organisers for their personal safety.

Additional Info

  1. As this event is primarily a fund raiser, each participant must raise a minimum of S$840 in funds. This amount is required to provide monthly food rations worth S$70 to a household for 1 year.
  2. As all funds raised will be given to the identified charity, cost relating to the organisation will be borne by participants (both cyclist and support crew). The breakdown of the cost is as follows:

i.S$410 for single room accommodation

ii.S$340 for double room accommodation

iii.The above fees exclude charges imposed by banks, credit card companies and online payment service providers arising from the registration and payment portal charges. The breakdown of the fees is $1.70 (portal charges) + 3.7% (online payment charges), which is $16.87 for single room and $14.28 for double room.

  1. All participants must participant in at least 2 ration distributions by July 2018 at 2 of the estates being supported through RfR, specifically either Chai Chee, Hougang or Marsiling.
  2. Jersey size selection in the registration portal is defaulted to men’s cut for male and women’s cut for females. Please refer to jersey size chart for measurements.


Registration is subject to compliance with acceptance of Rules and Regulations and the health declaration below.

Herein, Bike-Aid will refer to Bike-Aid (Singapore).

Section 1: General Rules

1.1 Ride for Rations 2018 will be held on 31 August – 2 September 2018 [1- 2 September will be the actual cycling from Kuantan to Pekan to Penyabong].

1.2 The Organizing Committee reserves the right to amend or adjust the rules and regulations of the Event without prior notice to the participants.

1.3 All participants are required to read, comprehend, understand and follow the stipulated rules and regulations, event signs and directions, and verbal instructions given to them during the course of the event.

1.4 Participants are advised to check our website: www.bikeaid.org.sg; Bike-Aid (Singapore) & Ride for Rations Facebook pages regularly for any updates or amendments with regards to the event instructions and information.

1.5 The Organizing Committee, and related sponsors, officials and other staffs, will not be held responsible for the cancellation of the event due to unforeseen circumstances, eg. Weather conditions etc.

1.6 All participants are required to attend the pre-event briefings to be able to participate in the event. First time participants are also required to attend compulsory briefing on the purpose of RfR and be involved in the rations distributions.

Section 2: Participation

2.1 Registration is on a first-come-first-served basis, and it is subjected to a maximum capacity as determined by organising capacity.

2.2 The organising committee reserves the right to accept or reject participation in Ride for Rations 2018.

2.3 All participants must be 21 years in age and above.

2.4 All participants must raise a minimum of S$840/- and pay a registration fee of S$340/- (double) or S$410/- (single), which excludes fees arising from registration portal and online payment portal.

a. Participants’ must meet the minimum fund raising stipulated in 2.4 to be able to participate in the Ride for Rations ride.

b. Participants who opt for double accommodation are to note the following

i. In situations where the assigned room-mate, including where participant has indicated their preferred room-mate, is not able to participate in Ride for Rations 2018, organisors will re-allocate the rooming based on double accommodation. If a participant prefers to not have such a change, which would effectively make his/her accommodation into a single accommodation, the participant has to pay the difference in cost between the fees for single and double accommodation.

ii. The above is done as we would like to minimise cost such that cost savings can be passed to the beneficiary if any.

2.5 Incomplete registration forms or those which contain incorrect or fraudulent information will be deemed invalid and rejected.

2.6 In registering, each participant certifies that he/she is physically fit to complete the event and is not suffering from any medical condition whatsoever, which would inhibit him/her from completing the event. Participant must also ensure that they possess reasonable level of cycling proficiency that will allow them to complete the event successfully and safely.

a. Thereafter of successful registration and up to the point of the event, participant is responsible for ensuring his/her physical readiness for such a demanding ride. He/She is also responsible to have himself/herself certified by a qualified and Singapore registered medical doctor that he/she is medically fit for such an event should he/she have medical issues that arise after registration and up to the point of the event.

2.7 It is mandatory for first time Ride for Rations participants [cyclist] or others as determined by the organising committee, to attend a readiness assessment session by the organising committee and they must pass the assessment to be able to participate in Ride for Rations 2018. This is in the interest of ensuring their physical readiness to participate in Ride for Rations.

2.8 First time Ride for Rations participants (cyclists and support crew) must attend a compulsory briefing on the purpose of RfR. This briefing will be conducted at the rations distribution venue specified in February 2018 or March 2018 or thereafter as specified by the committee.

2.9 First time Ride for Rations participants (cyclists and support crew) must participate in at least 2 rations distributions at 2 of the estates being supported through RfR by July 2018.

2.10 In ability to undertake or meet 2.4, 2.6 and 2.7 to 2.9 will lead to participant being disqualified from participating in RfR 2018. The conditions with regards to registration fee and funds raised will be that of the case where a participant withdraws from RfR 2018, details of which are found herein.

2.11 Participants are required to adhere to traffic rules and regulations at all times during the event for their safety. They are required to follow instructions and cycle in a single file. Overtaking of the lead cyclist is strictly not allowed as is grabbing of refreshments from support crew whilst cycling.

2.12 The Organizing Committee reserves the rights to disqualify any participant that is a safety hazard. He/she will not be allowed to continue and no refunds will be made.

Section 3: Registration

3.1 All registration will be done online through our official event website accessible through Bike-Aid website.

3.2 Closing date for the registration is 15 May 2018. In the event that the maximum capacity is reached before the closing date, the online registration will be closed.

3.3 All participants should receive a confirmation email verifying the successful transaction at least one week before the commencement of the event. Additional details can be found on our website.

3.4 Participants agree to have any un-utilised registration fees donated to the cause [charity organisation] Ride for Rations is supporting.

3.5 Refund Conditions:

a. In cases of withdrawal of participants, there will be no refund of registration fee (For participants who withdraw prior to July 2018, he/she can provide a replacement for his/her place. The replacement must meet all the criteria laid in the Rules and Regulations. Provision of jersey for the replacement is not guaranteed and is subject to the timeline and processes stipulated by the jersey supplier, which is beyond the organisor’s control. No replacement is permitted from June 2018 onwards.)

b. All registration fees less expenses incurred for RfR 2018 up to the point of withdrawal in the above condition, will be donated to the cause supported by Ride for Rations.

c. Such a participant is responsible for submitting funds raised to the organising committee.

Section 4: Attire & Safety

4.1 Participants are required to wear the event jersey on day 1 and strongly encouraged to wear on day 2 for easy identification.

4.2 Participants must put on a helmet when cycling in Ride for Rations 2018, including training rides.

4.3 Participants are required to be in the appropriate footwear at all times during the event.

4.4 Participants are required to adhere to safety and directional related instructions given during the actual ride or during training rides.

4.5 The committee reserves the right to stop any participant who poses a safety risk and threat to himself/herself/themselves and, or others from continuing his/her/their participation in Ride for Rations.

4.6 No changes to the size of the event jersey are allowed. We will adhere strictly to the size that participants indicate on the registration form or provided to the organisors.

Section 5: Equipment and Provision

5.1 Participants have to use their own bicycles during the event and training rides.

5.2 In the interest of safety, no tri bikes or recumbent bikes are permitted.

5.3 Participants have to bring along personal items for their own well-being and comfort on the event day, e.g. sunblock, sunglasses, cap, seat padding, water bottles, etc.


I fully understand and accept that Bike-Aid (Singapore) committee, organizers of Ride for Rations 2017,  their support crew, sponsors and agents whomsoever shall not be held responsible and/or liable to me and/or any third parties for any losses whatsoever and howsoever arising and not limited to the losses hereunder stated whether directly or indirectly caused by or contributed to by or arising from any alleged act or neglect of a fellow participant and/or Bike-Aid (Singapore) committee, the organizers of Ride for Rations 2018, their support crew, sponsors and agents whomsoever and/or any third parties whomsoever and wheresoever: a) death of myself, a fellow participant or any third party;
b) any form of bodily injury whatsoever that I, a fellow participant or any third party may suffer; c) any form of loss or destruction of or any damage to my, a fellow participant’s or any third party’s property whatsoever whether such property continues to remain in my custody or is placed in the custody of the organizers, their support crew and agents whomsoever;
d) any accident whatsoever and howsoever caused;
e) any fees charges fines losses expenses and/or legal liabilities whatsoever and howsoever arising;
f) any other loss damages injuries and/or any other consequential losses whatsoever and howsoever arising. 

I also declare that I am medically fit to take part in Ride for Rations 2018 with full knowledge of the consequences that may arise from my participation in the Event.

I undertake not to bring or store or permit to be stored any goods, products, materials and/or substance which are dangerous and/or of an hazardous nature and/or illegal in my luggage.  In such event, when my luggage is being transported by the organizers or by any of the drivers of the support vehicles, I solely without any reservation take full responsibility for the contents of my luggage and declare to be held accountable and responsible for the contents of my luggage.

In this regard, I would absolve the organizers and/or any of the drivers of the support vehicles of any civil and/or criminal liability and agree to fully indemnify them for any damage and/or loss suffered, if any, as a result thereof.

*Ride for Rations 2018 is organised by Bike-Aid (Singapore) of c/o c/o Block 32 Defu Lane 10, #02-02, Singapore 539213 for the purpose of raising funds in support of families registered with Sunlove Neighbourhood Links of Sunlove Abode for Intellectually Infirmed Pte Ltd.


Please refer to Bike-Aid (Singapore) website for the detailed FAQ on RfR 2018.

If you have any enquiries, do contact Shireen (+65 90108644) and Lai Hsia (+65 96970624).